Episode 49: Nerds of a Feather

The crew is joined by Marcus from Working Class Nerds to talk SWTOR and discuss why R2D2 is the best Star Wars character.

Ep. 44: Looking for Leia

This week we have an engaging and passionate guest, Star Wars fan documentary filmmaker Annalise Ophelian!

Ep. 39: Full House

This week PC Podcast is in 7th Heaven as all seven of our hosts kick off the new show format!

Episode 35: A Sub-Reddit of Porgs

Join your hosts Jessie, JT and Sechari plus segments from staffers Larry Everett and Wil Wright as we explore SWTOR and Star Wars in this month’s episode. We delve into RP sins, Umbara backstory, and how to moderate a game stream with Lady Daney! And of course, Porgs!

Episode 31

We literally heard the voice of Star Wars in our ears, and now it’s your turn. Our interview with Marc Thompson is here!

Episode 30

Lots of changes in SWTOR on the horizon but we know how gamers are, we are like smart water, always finding the path of least resistance.