Episode 11

SWTOR Streamer Sechari teams up with Jessie and JT to dish lots of game and guild news!

Episode 10

The SWTOR Theory Crafter Oofalong joins us for a discussion of stats and his personal mission in the game.

Episode 8

Featuring first impressions of SWTOR Fallen Empire, the new Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer and an interview with the community manager of Extra Life, Rick Heaton!

Episode 7

Check out our exclusive with the Eternal Emperor Valkorion himself, actor Darin De Paul!

Episode 6

In this episode, your hosts Jessie and JT discuss highlights from the SWTOR September 30 Developer stream. Lots of details about changes coming next month. There are NO STORY SPOILERS in this podcast.

Episode 3

This week, your hosts Jessie and JT talk about Patch 3.3.1, Healthy Gaming and more with our guest Kash!

Episode 2

On this episode of Passionately Casual, Jessie and JT discuss goings-on in Unholy Alliance and Wookiee Mistake, touch on game news, talk contests and prizes and chat with the well-known SWTOR streamer and video creator, Vulkk.

Episode 1

Grand Togruta Celebration!
Our inaugural episode features guild and game news, JT’s Tip of the Week and special guest Zernebog!