Episode 33 PC LIVE

This week we talk about Extra Life and address toxic chat in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Episode 26

Woohoo! Guys’ night again as Jessie is moving and is unable to join us. So we kicked back in our boxers and talked smack with Massively Overpowered’s Larry Everett.

Episode 25

SWTOR Economics (Andrew) joins us to analyze the new Galactic Command system. We also interview Extra Life Charity’s Marc Salcedo!

Episode 24

Special Guests from Bioware Austin, Eric Musco and Charles Boyd talk SWTOR and the Wall of Crazy with our team!

Episode 10

The SWTOR Theory Crafter Oofalong joins us for a discussion of stats and his personal mission in the game.

Episode 9

SWTOR Streamer Bored Brit Gamer. We dish Extra Life Day Outcomes and our new home on MOG Nation! More Episode 7 news, too!

Episode 8

Featuring first impressions of SWTOR Fallen Empire, the new Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer and an interview with the community manager of Extra Life, Rick Heaton!

Episode 4

This week your hosts Jessie and JT talk about goings-on in the SWTOR and geek community and JT tells us how to use keybindings to improve our gameplay!