About Us

Passionately Casual Podcast is more than just a pretty face. It’s seven pretty faces! We focus on SWTOR, Star Wars, healthy gaming, and community. Each episode puts the spotlight on Star Wars and Star Wars: The Old Republic gaming news and community events.  Check our archives to hear interviews from Star Wars & SWTOR personalities, game developers, and more!

Jessie AKA Stardust Legacy (Host)

 20171028_095448 Jessie is a Leo who enjoys long walks on the beach and being the longest-standing subscribed player to have not achieved Legendary status. (Update Summer 2017, Jessie hit Legend!) She is quite passionate about SWTOR and a rather rabid fan of Star Wars in general. Mostly, she hopes that being almost-charming and nearly-funny will be enough to get her through life so that she doesn’t have to break more nails than absolutely necessary. For this reason, she relies heavily on her co-hosts to know what is going on. And she’s “a podcast producer’s worst nightmare,” whatever that means. You can find her musings at stardustpop.com. @TheStardust77

JT (Host)

JTTransparentMy computer gaming started on the family Commodore Vic 20 and 64. The first game I started playing, after Space Invaders, was a text based adventure game called Zork. I love role-playing games, from tabletop games to modern single-player & MMOs. My life changed after an injury in December, 1996. I am in a wheelchair and have limited function in my arms and wrists, but no finger movement. However, this setback has not stopped me from making most of what I enjoy doing. One of those things is being a part of the SWTOR family. I have been a part of Corellian Run Radio since early Spring of 2011. Being a part of this community has opened the doors to meeting many amazing people. Some of those amazing people were from Unholy Alliance. I later joined their guild on the Harbinger server. Soon after joining UA/WM, Jessie and Mox approached me about the idea of a guild podcast. This became Passionately Casual podcast. The current cast of amazing talent consists of Jessie, our Star Wars fan girl leader with the smile & heals; Mox, the guru of audio editing and effiency; Sechari, the streaming man-bun legend, of course, with special edition orb of power; Larry Everett, the RP master, and keeper of the star wars lore, and then finally, me, JT the tin-foil hat wearer derp on wheels. How should I know what will happen next, but until then…just keep flying casually! @jt_holonet 

Sechari (Host)

FabioSechari Sechari has been a player of The Old Republic since launch, though most of the records of his time as a newbie player and as the guild leader of Freedom Rising on the Republic side of The Bastion server are kept under lock and key in the Imperial Intelligence vaults, never to be seen or heard from again. More recently he led Vindictive, a glorious imperial guild, to galactic dominance on the Imperial side of The Bastion before ascending to the throne and moving to The Harbinger server, whereupon he joined the Unholy Alliance/Wookiee Mistake guilds and has never looked back. Aside from pontificating pompously about his possibly-delusional (you can’t prove it) emperorship, his man bun and the mysterious orb of power, he blogs from time to time about SWTOR at www.iamsechari.com, streams frequently at twitch.tv/sechari, and podcasts as a cast member of Passionately Casual Podcast. You can also find him on Twitter @iamsechari, but bring tribute. Emperors do so love their tribute. @iamsechari

Mox (Host)

Mox TemplateMox has been gaming since the age of 7 when got the original Dungeons and Dragons box set. A life-long love of gaming was further enhanced upon receiving a Ti-99/4A for Christmas in 1981 which allowed him to test his puzzle skills in text based adventures. His first MMO was Everquest which he played for over 3 years. Star Wars: The Old Republic is his most recent gaming love where he serves as an officer in Unholy Alliance and Wookiee Mistake guilds. Mox joined the PC Podcast group as Producer and Editor and works hard to keep the shows running smoothly and set up the guests for the show. His favorite thing to tell the hosts is, “I thought we were going to keep this episode short.” He then heads off to the editing booth where the dart boards with the hosts’ avatars are. Mox also joined Corellian Run Radio for its final few years as a host where he attempted to perfect the art of “AFK Podcasting”. Now that CRR’s chapter has closed, Mox has come out of the editing booth to join the other hosts on air for Passionately Casual. @ftworthjim

Larry (Segment Host)

larry1SMALLLarry is working on a bio that will make the rest of us look like the rank amateurs we are. Check back to see how clever and accomplished he is! @shaddoe

Wil (Segment Host)

Wil Wil is a life-long Star Wars fan, as well as a more general content geek, with a passion for the lore behind the stories. He may not know who shot who to start which World War, but he can darn sure tell you who shot first at Chalmun’s with a DL-44. No, seriously, he took a Star Wars lore quiz and had to correct the questions, but barely scraped his way through history class in school! As a gamer brought up without a console, he remembers the genesis of the FPS, when the deeply complex genre had four guns and no ability to jump – as well as the rise (and fall) of Apogee, and the death of awesome flight sims (RIP “TIE Fighter”). He has avidly played various action, adventure, and RPG games on PC and the occasional console – preferring anything with a solid, engaging story. Wil was also a local tournament staple in various CCGs/TCGs through the 1990s and 2000s, but his tabletop gaming at last become aligned with his video gaming delights of story-story-story when he became involved in his first tabletop RPG. He currently leads half the cast of this show on a Star Wars d6 adventure that never seems to go anywhere, but always stresses Wil’s vocal chords. Wil is also a long time costumer, including being a ten-year member of the Mandalorian Mercenaries Costume Club, and was a founding member of the club’s podcast. He has the dubious distinction of possibly, but not definitively, being the only person to have ever made a costume based on WARS: The Mumon Rift – and may that horrible, thrown together costume be forever barred from again seeing the light of day!

 Kid Lee (Segment Host)