Rishi Stronghold Exclusive Official Screenshot

Hi there SWTOR Friends!

Are you as excited as we are about the new stronghold coming to the Old Republic? The new player housing will be located on the planet Rishi, first introduced in the Shadow of Revan expansion in 2014.

rishizahncorrectedRishi is a criminal paradise complete with crystal blue waters, palm tress and smuggler gangs located in the Outer Rim Territories. It’s been a fan favorite for a new stronghold for a long time and BioWare seems to be listening.

This stronghold has some special features that Creative Director Charles Boyd and Community Manager Eric Musco discussed with us in our interview for the Road Trip! episode, so be sure to check that out. It will be the largest stronghold to date both in terms of area and in number of hooks for placing decorations and it will introduce a player-driven PvP system. You can design your own warzone map using new interactive decos with special effects (think lava and acid!) and go 4 versus 4 or 8 versus 8 with ingame score-keeping and no queues! Use the geography and decos to make use of LoS, traps and more. The possibilities for customization are dizzying. Plus all those swaying palm trees… sounds like paradise alright!


A big thank you to the team at SWTOR who provided Passionately Casual Podcast with this exclusive official screenshot from the inside the Rishi stronghold.


You can also click here to see and download the image


The stronghold will be included with Patch 5.9.2 but if you can’t wait to see it (like us!) then get yourself set up on the Public Test Server, which will be live soon™. Check out this video from PC Podcast Segment Host Kid Lee for your guide to getting onto the SWTOR PTS.

See you in the Outer Rim!

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