Episode 40: Got Malk

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This episode we got a chance to sit down with Malkarii, the Community Manager of Non-Toxic Gaming for an in-depth interview about the ins and outs of having a good attitude toward others while we play. We also got to enjoy episode 11 of Larry Everett’s In Character, this one about creating your first RP character.

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Comm Chatter

This week in our Community Chatter segment:

We learned that Megan, a previous guest on our show, is featured in the current issue of the official Star Wars magazine Star Wars Insider!

Be sure to check out this episode’s interview with Malkarii. You can learn more about Non-Toxic Gaming at their website and on their Twitter feed.


Galactic Headlines

In SWTOR news this week, an article on Kotaku caused quite a buzz for the community. Keith Kanneg of BioWare answered by letting us know the game is alive and well, with a roadmap on the horizon, summer event scheduling, and 6.0 coming soon. We also have a recent game update (5.7) that brings with it the reintroductions of our beloved Andronikos Revel for Inquisitor classes and Corso and Risha for Smuggler classes -and the next boss of the Gods From The Machine operation, Skyva!

Check out the first episode of Kid Lee’s discussion series on YouTube!

Other pertinent links this episode:

  1. A Delay of Anthem’s Release
  2. The Importance of Anthem to BioWare – Forbes
  3. More Speculation About Anthem, Red Flags and Excitement – Forbes


The Han Solo movie is fast approaching. The team spends a little time talking about their first impressions of the trailer.

Alden Ehrenreich is Han Solo

Be sure to check out Entertainment Weekly’s release of teaser images.

Signature Segment: In Character

This episode, Larry Everett unpacks creating a new RP character for those who are just now dipping their toe into the RP waters. Yes, it is possible to design a problematic character or to paint yourself into a corner. Larry Everett explains the possible pitfalls and how to avoid them.



Unholy Alliance News

For our Unholy Alliance listeners, be sure to stay tuned to the website for guild news and calendar updates.

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Thanks for listening to the Passionately Casual Podcast! Till next time keep on playing and, I don’t know, fly casual.




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