Episode 25

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Passionately Casual Podcast Ep. 25: Galactic Command

A SWTOR Podcast for Unholy Alliance and Wookiee Mistake guilds on the Harbinger server. Our podcast is a proud member of MOG Nation!

Jessie, JT and Sechari are joined this week by Andrew, AKA SWTOR Economics, game analyst and guildmaster of <Fortitude> on the Jedi Covenant server, who helps the gang decipher the new Galactic Command system and the announced changes to gearing in SWTOR’s December expac.



We have a lot to cover this week from guild and game as well as an interview with Marc Salcedo, Co-Vice President of Extra Life Orange County in California.


Guild News

Extra Life is on  November 5 see  unholyalliance.org/extralife for all the fun events we have planned for marathon day! Prizes include “Valkorion Records your Voicemail Greeting” and “Musco Science Theater 3000”

DvL World Boss  run Oct 27 6pm server

GSF School to prepare Muscos in Space is Oct 30 5pm Pacific Time

All events at unholyalliance.org/events

Game News

Galactic Command system introduced, including new gearing system

Livestreams, watch them on the official SWTOR Twitch Channel, see the bullet points here

Galactic Command Dark versus Light rolling event

Community Highlights

Featured Community Segment/Interview

This month we have Marc Salcedo from Extra Life Orange County. You can listen to Marc on his podcast Nird Central

Be sure to check out the other great SWTOR and Star Wars Podcasts out there this month!

Podcasts and Blogs Mentions:

SWTOR Escape podcast #165 Dev Stream on Galactic Command

Ootinicast episode 283

Bad Feeling Podcast 133

Starwars.com – Halloween 2016 Roundup

    • Video: 10 Best Scary Monsters in Star Wars
    • Video: 10 Best Scary Moments in Star Wars
    • Stencils for pumpkin decorating
    • Links to Halloween Crafts – DIY Han Solo costume
    • Grievous Halloween Fright Reel

Larry Everett’s article Examining SWTOR’s Contentious Endgame Gear Grind featuring a video from  SWTOR Central’s YouTube channel

The Usual Podcast Pirates on the Inside. Their, next episode is their Patreon roundtable which should be a lot of fun, to be released this week

Star Wars News

Rouge One trailer #3

Entertainment Weekly Frame by Frame Analysis by Star Wars correspondent Anthony Breznican

For more on the trailer, Full of Sith Ep. CLXXXVII 

How to reach us:  Email: passionately.casual@gmail.com  Twitter: @PC_Podcast, you can reach Jason @JT_holonet, Sechari @iamsechari and Jessie @unholyalliances, you can reach our guest Andrew at @SWTOReconomics

Thanks for listening to the Passionately Casual Podcast, till next time keep on playing and, I don’t know, fly casual.

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