Episode 19

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A SWTOR Podcast for Unholy Alliance and Wookiee Mistake guilds on the Harbinger server. Our podcast is a proud member of MOG Nation!

We have a lot to cover this week from both the guild and the game as well as an interview with SWTOR content creator Vulkk

Find out more about our guild and our show at unholyalliance.org  or  wookieemistake.com  (remember wookiee has 2 E’s) don’t forget to follow us on twitter @PC_Podcast

Galaxy of Heroes Guild, Unholy Alliance Mobile Crew is open to all, come join us!

Extra Life Charity Kick-off! June 26 9am PDT

Come level your Darkside Musco for charity awareness and prizes! There are millions of credits on the line!

Guild News

Inquisitor class only Fun Run June 15, see site to sign up

Screenshot contest “ Summer Fun” Enter to win 450 CC by posting your screenies on the website

Post your vacation photos to win 450 CC
Post your vacation photos to win 450 CC

Guild Management Changes: Welcome Alise and Moxys as co-GMs of our guilds!

Game News


Class Changes linked here from Dulfy

June Developer Livestream – Eric Musco, Ben Irving, and Charles Boyd

Update 4.5 live – Chapter XIV Mandalore’s Revenge 

Chapter XV GEMINI’s Deception is live June 30th with early access on June 28th

Light vs Dark side – Multi-month event and the side tallying the most points will determine the alignment of a future new companion in SWTOR

Community Highlights


Featured Community Segment/Interview

This week’s interview is with well-known and universally respected Vulkk! @vulkk on Twitter

JT says it best: Let’s face it, Vulkk IS the most interesting Man in SWTOR.

Be sure to head over to VULKK.com to check his blogs, guides, videos and links to his streaming content.

To help Vulkk every time you make an Amazon.com purchase, bookmark this link and use it to shop.

Community Shoutout: Be sure to check out the other great SWTOR and Star Wars Podcasts out there this month!

Lego My Photo
Lego My Photo

Rum Inspector’s blog about N00b PvP things learnt the hard way

Fibro Jedi’s blog post: What should you do before starting KotFE?

Bad Feeling Podcast ep. 114 – Keep Cycling! Moar Content!

Lego My Photo: Lego photo of the day blog, lot of Star Wars shots

Geek Tyrant series of Star Wars alphabet character art created by Joe Wight

Star Wars Baseball Dream Team from ABC Sports

Corellian Run Radio Ep. 164 with our own MandoLOREean, Grognard!

Don’t miss Sechari’s excellent and informative article Content Locustry: A Second Look at MMO Content Consumption

Content Locusts?
Content Locusts?

Star Wars News

Star Wars Games throughout the years from Gamespot

Life Size ‘Star Wars’ AT-ST, Complete With Cockpit

New Star Wars Lego series on Disney, Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

How to reach us:  Email: passionately.casual@gmail.com  Twitter: @PC_Podcast, you can reach Jason @JT_holonet, Sechari @iamsechari and Jessie @unholyalliances

Thanks for listening to the Passionately Casual Podcast, till next time keep on playing and, I don’t know, fly casual.

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