Episode 6


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Passionately Casual Ep. 6

SWTOR Developer September 30, 2015 Livestream Coverage

In this Special Report we are focused on the developer livestream that aired today on Twitch (Full Stream here http://www.twitch.tv/swtor/v/18528261)

Please not that our Podcast coverage does not contain any story spoilers but the livestream DOES contain story spoilers for Chapter 1.

Overall impressions:

Well-run stream with no tech issues, nice green screen backdrop, started on time, Eric was engaging and seems genuinely excited

Excellent graphics Rendering, frame rates, anti-aliasing improvements (4 levels of AA)

Combat looks pretty good, hard to see in the walkthrough how good it will be in real play since they aren’t using the new abilities

Reminder that Cantina in NY Live Streaming cosplay contest and there may be more info there too as well as  lot of new blogs


Stream started with Brand New Character creation at level 60

Start at 60 (one free for sub) more buy-at-60’s available and will add to your cap up to 40 or 50 toons per server Dulfy Reports that you can buy more character slots

Looks like earpieces and implants are legacy, at least on the default gear of premade lvl 60

Crit and surge combined under “crit” Crit Chance and Multiplier (surge used to control this) still exist



Companions abilities controlled by your level, so no more grinding out new gear for each companion

You can change your companion’s role by right clicking their portrait and choosing Damage, Heal or Tank must be out of combat

Affection = Influence (Companion combat is better the more you have) Presence

Can still use companion customizations and change appearance of previous comps, but not the new FE companions

Character Alliance details coming right before early access

Akk Dog New Pet Companions available in cartel packs, for combat no story


Quality of life improvements for guilds -whisper from guild window, which is a small QoL improvement


Core World Experience  changes class story = The 12x is going away and the streamlined leveling is the Class and main planet arcs to get 1-50 Those missions are highlighted in purple then other missions are “Exploration Missions”

Heroic Missions

Big rewards for heroics with lockboxes with rewards BASED ON YOUR LEVEL with Instant Transport!

“Level Synching” Or “Level Sinking” 😀 to play on lower level planets, you get downleveled to the appropriate level to play on early planets, Definitely for Heroics, Musco was not 100% sure if it applies to other missions– we hope so!


User Interface

New User Interface Snap to Grid looks amazing and efficient

Import and Export keybinds


New Legends Status for those who have completed all 8 base story classes which gives you an icon everyone sees plus and cool new Heroic Moment Bar (temporary Ability Bar) that allows each HM skill to be used TWICE in the 1 min timer and grants 2% back of your health with each tick


No going back to undone class story:

When you start KotFE you can’t go back to do: your indiv class story or the planet stories for Ziost, Rishi or Yavin



Crew Skills come Maxed out on your new level 60!

there is a blog coming soon with more details

crafting to 500, no tiers, no training, “you get it the whole way through”

new recipes coming, old stuff will go into archive section in case you want to make them for appearance, you will have them

Gathering used  to have a minimum skill requirement to gather, NOW you can gather any tier/grade of materials, you get amount based on your level (level one person might get 1 item rather than a stack of grade 6 mats)

Missions ALL missions are available per grade, rather than just 4 or 5 at a time


Group Finder

Referenced the FP and Ops blog from the summer

Story Mode Ops level 50-65 with daily Reset and tells you what’s coming the next day

Tactical and HM Flashpoints 50-65-


Weekly Comm limit has been removed (WEEKLY Cap gone, total cap remains)

Common (basic), Glowing (elite) , Radiant (ultimate) data crystals replace the current comm system- really just a naming change


Legacy Datacrons easy tracking in Legacy Tab (NOT ACCOUNT wide, Legacy wide) Musco is 99% sure they will be retroactively granted if you got them already


Misc Stuff

Speeder piloting can be purchased at level 1 with credits or cartel coins

Summon Random Pet, Summon Random Mount- free feature! Don’t need to have them on your bar

New pack coming with Fallen Empire (either Oct 20 or 27) with two new armors and new flourish mount

They fixed cape clipping when on your mount (your robes don’t have missing bits)

Red sparkle powder is back

Event Rewards

Official forum post coming with more

All Vendors together on the fleet, new vendor Ambassador Ky’lee who will allow you to buy stuff from old events such as old Rakghoul event containment officers armor and Chevin rewards

Hope you enjoyed the podcast! Please leave us a comment!

You can reach us at: passionately.casual@gmail.com

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