Episode 3.1 Special Report

Passionately Casual Podcast: Episode 3.1

A SWTOR Podcast for Unholy Alliance and Wookiee Mistake guilds on the Harbinger server

Recorded Aug 27, 2015 Hosts: JT and Jessie Producer: Moxys

August 26 BioWare hosted a SWTOR livestream event. They had originally planned a community cantina during the PAX event in Seattle but instead stayed home to work on Fallen Empire.


Livestream Video Part one (fast-forward 14 minutes due to technical issues with the Twitch stream)

Livestream Video Part two

Recap on Official Forums by Eric Musco

Cantina Crate Share Code

Livestream Highlights

Excellent cinematic cutscenes

Playthrough of a portion of the first chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire showing the Outlander (your character) being freed from carbonite by Lana Beniko and fighting through the capital city of Zakuul.

From the gameplay, we saw Lana Beniko thawing the Outlander from carbonite. We also see another familiar face, well as much face as a droid can have lol. T7 is right there helping Lana release you. We do not know if everyone will get T7 or if this was because the Outlander was a Jedi in the livestream.

During the combat, you can see Lana wielding two lightsabers and holding her own as a DPS companion, but interesting enough, she was healing also. It appears Treek is getting replaced in my companion rotation lol.

Michael Bachus. officially stated that the Outlander has been frozen in carbonite for five years. What has happened during those five years? Where exactly is the character? Those were questions that will be answered in the chapters as you play through.

Motsly the stream talked about companions and story:

Any companion like Treek or HK purchased with Cartel coins will not be lost.

Companions you married or maxed out affection, those things will not be lost. Events like marriage will have an impact on the story as it moves forward. Affection will also play a key in the future with your companions, but as to exactly how we do not know yet.

The big news has to do with combat and the companions gear. In 4.0, companions can play any of the three roles (healer, tank, and dps)!

But wait there’s more…

In 4.0, companions will no longer have stats. They will increase in power, health alongside you as you level. They will still be able to wear armor for unique looks, but the stats will not mean anything. This will be nice for missions that make you use a specific companion. I would always be freaking out because I was forced to use a companion and they were not geared at all.

Our Impressions: Great livestream with a lot of new information (yes, we are aware of datamining, but this is confirmed info)

We will continue to bring you the important SWTOR news when it breaks. To keep in touch, follow us at Twitter @unholyallainces or at our BRAND NEW Twitter handle @PC_Podcast or check our website unholyalliance.org

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