Episode 1

Passionately Casual Podcast: Episode 1 

Originally posted July 22, 2015

A SWTOR Podcast for Unholy Alliance and Wookiee Mistake guilds on the Harbinger server

Find out more at unholyalliance.org or wookieemistake.com and don’t  forget to follow us on twitter @unholyallainces

Guild News

Operations: The guilds are doing a lot of social and training runs in DF/DP and we are going to be organizing some achievement runs for NiM TFB for the “From Beyond” title. If you are interested, please put your name on the forum thread interest list. NiM Achievement Interest List Here Operations are offered frequently throughout the week, be sure to check the calendar Guild Calendar

Imperial Progression Teams:

501st are running 3x week currently on HM Ravagers, having cleared SM Ravagers and ToS.

Team Besh runs weekly, currently working on SM Ravagers and ToS.

If you are interested in progression raiding: Team Besh has some team members out so they are looking for alternates for all roles and are specifically looking for a PT tank

For Operations questions on both factions, please contact the Operations Director, Rhaiqui (Zechs) in-game or through the guild website at This LINK


Guild Announcements

1/ Conquest week Imperial side 7/28! Please see the Conquests Section of the website for ideas how to maximize your points so you can meet your personal conquest goal and be entered into the million credit conquest drawing

2/ Due to the Imperial conquest push, all ops will be focused on Imp side the week of 7/28. There will be no scheduled Pubside Operations until  Aug 4, sorry for the inconvenience

3/Guild ship expansions; we have opened additional rooms on each of the guild flagships, make sure to stop by and see the well-appointed lounges downstairs!

4/ Sunday August 2, 2pm Datacron run! It’s time to start the datacron cycle over with starter planets. Come get your lower level crons with friends. As always there will be fun and prizes, too, please sign up so we know which faction to focus on or if we will run both simultaneously

5/July screenshot contest- Time to show off your amazing Outfit designer creations Linked Here to win an Outer Rim Explorer Pack

5/Extra-Life Charity event: Reminder that our Extra Life Marathon and Half-Marathon are coming up on Nov 7. Last year we raised almost $2k, so far with our pre-season half marathon in May we have raised $250 Extra Life Info here


Game News

1/ Patch 3.3 Yavin SH, Torguta species (600CC) and PvP changes go live 7/22. Check out the patch notes here

2/ Build a Bear Special Report. Chewbacca Build a Bear hits shelves July 24! If you preordered during the one day event on May the 4th, your Chewie is guaranteed, otherwise check with your local BaB Workshop for hours and prepare for a Black Friday style gaterush!

Community Highlights

The Community spotlight this week is focused on Unholy Alliance guild member and blogger Zernebog as he discusses Flashpoint changes in 4.0

Link to his blog HERE 

Link to original developer post HERE


The Passionately Casual Tip of the Week:  JT shares an excellent tip for customizing  your SWTOR splash screen

Make your own game loading screens!

rainer5511 from Reddit posted a layered PSD file. This will give you the layers which have the BioWare and SWTOR logos.

Don’t have Photoshop, no worries. Thanks to UA guildmate Mox and Pixlr editor you can open the file.

Here is the link for the PSD template file: (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20912690/LoadingScreen.wip.psd)


  1. If you have Photoshop, click on the link and download the PSD template file.
  2. If you do not have Photoshop, right-click on the file link, then copy the link location.
  3. Next you will you open the link for Pixlr and select open file from url. It will ask for the address of the file. Paste the address in the file address space.
  4. Now the file is open, go to the layer labelled Ponies. Delete the image in this layer and then add whatever image you want. Be sure the new image layer is in below the SWTOR & BioWare logos.
  5. Now, you will need to save the image as a jpg. file and name the file LoadingScreen.jpg and then replace the image found in the following location: Program files/Electronic Arts/Bioware/Star Wars – The Old Republic/swtor/retailclient/LoadingScreens


*make sure to rename the existing LoadingScreen file to something else. This will allow you to place it back as the Loading screen at a later time. Also note, that if there is an expansion or named update like Forged Alliances the Loading Screen image might be altered by update*


Please note that this is altering a file in your game folders. This has the chance of causing issues with your loading screens files. Be sure to back-up these files. PC is not responsible for any issues. This is to be done at your own risk. That is what our attorneys wanted us to say.

Podcast Contest: To win a Koensayr Monocyle, please send an email to passionately.casual@gmail.com telling us which companion you would most like to form an alliance with in Knights of the Fallen Empire and why.  One entry will be chosen at random. This contest is for guild members only.

How to reach us:  Email: passionately.casual@gmail.com  Twitter: @unholyalliances, you can reach JT on Twitter @JT_holonet

Thanks for listening to the Passionately Casual Podcast, till next time keep on playing and, I don’t know, fly casual.

Shout outs to community podcasts that covered Comicon and the SWTOR Cantina




Hosts: Jessie (AKA Stardust Legacy) and JT Gamer

Producer: Moxys

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